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the guild

The east nashville jewelry guild is a collection of friends who all happen to have a passion for jewelry design.  Each of us has created a unique point of view with our brands, yet we chose to work together as the guild...which is way more fun. 


Tracey is the architect whose brand is "studio fjord" .  Her work is geometrical and often uses "up-cycled" materials from her architectural samples from the office.  Margaret, of Francis B, is an attorney with a zeal for learning new jewelry making techniques; her design expressions pivot from the whimsical to the structural.  Janelle of Rumef, focuses her work on colorful explorations and bright pieces that are wearable and fun.  Katey of Wanderlund, works in sales; her pieces focus on chic comfort and on-point color combinations.

The guild's work can be found on display at local events such as Porter Flea and the Tomato Arts Festival.